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               Transforming motivated

students into Baltimore’s

      next culinary and

               hospitality leaders.

BIC Educational Foundation was established in 2015, utilizing funds from Baltimore International College (BIC), a culinary and hospitality management school which operated from 1972-2012.


The BIC Educational Foundation offers the BIC Scholarship to exemplary students studying culinary arts and hospitality in Baltimore. In partnership with Stratford University, and other local institutions, the BIC Scholarship provides generous awards to students who have demonstrated excellence in their academic programs and resilience despite personal challenges. 

  • 3.0 GPA or higher after completing 1/3 of academic program

  • Strong character references from former employers and/or professors

  • Essays demonstrating a commitment to success in the culinary arts or hospitality field, and persistence through life’s challenges

  • Financial need (FAFSA submission required)

  • Willingness to publicly share personal story  and to attend BIC Scholarship events

What makes a BIC Scholar?

BIC Educational Foundation Board of Directors


Harold Graul, Jr., Chair

President, Graul’s Market, Inc.


Paul L. Saval

President, Saval Foods Corporation

Richard Roe

President FPC Distribution

Pursue your passion, earn the support you deserve.


Interested in becoming a BIC Scholar?

Contact your financial aid administrator for details, or email us at


BIC Educational Foundation

6655 Santa Barbara Road, unit #8096

Elkridge, MD 21075